research papers

  • Sucheta, Chaturvedi K, Yadav SK* 2019. Ultrasonication assisted salt-spices impregnation in black carrots to attain anthocyanins stability, quality retention and antimicrobial efficacy on hot-air convective drying. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry. 58: 104661
  • Kumar V, Sandhu PP, Ahluwalia V, Mishra BB, Yadav SK*. 2019. Improved upstream processing for detoxification and recovery of xylitol produced from corncob. Bioresour Technol. 291: 121931.
  • Vashisht A, Thakur K, Kauldhar BS, Kumar V, Yadav SK*. 2019. Waste valorization: Identification of an ethanol tolerant bacterium Acetobacter pasteurianus SKYAA25 for acetic acid production from apple pomace. Sci Total Environ. 690:956-964.
  • Purohit A, Kumar V, Chownk M, Yadav SK*. 2019. Processing-Independent Extracellular Production of High Purity C-Phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 7: 3237-3245
  • Mehta D, Yadav SK*. 2019. Impact of atmospheric non-thermal plasma and hydrothermal treatment on bioactive compounds and microbial inactivation of strawberry juice: A hurdle technology approach. Food Sci Technol Int. 1082013219865360
  • Pal P, Saravanamurugan S* (2019) Recent advances on development of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural oxidation with base (non-precious) metal-containing catalysts. ChemSusChem 12, 145-163.
  • He J, Li H*, Saravanamurugan S*, S. Yang* (2019) Catalytic upgrading of biomass-derived sugars with acidic nanoporous materials: Structural role in carbon-chain length variation. ChemSusChem 12, 347-378.
  • Garcia-Suarez E. J, Paolicchia D, Li H, He J, Yang S, Riisager A*, Saravanamurugan S* (2019) Pd-catalysed formation of ester products from cascade reaction of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural with 1-hexene. Appl. Cat. A:Gen., 569, 170-174.
  • Agarwal N, Narnoliya LK, Singh SP* (2019) Characterization of a novel amylosucrase gene from the metagenome of a thermal aquatic habitat, and its use in turanose production from sucrose biomass. Enzyme and Microbial Technology 131, 109372
  • Kumar J, Sharma N, Kaushal G, Samurailatpam S, Sahoo D, Rai AK, Singh SP* (2019) Metagenomic insights into the taxonomic and functional features of Kinema, a traditional fermented soybean product of Sikkim Himalaya. Frontiers in Microbiology 10, 1744.
  • Narnoliya LK, Agarwal N, Patel SN, Singh SP* (2019) Kinetic characterization of laccase from Bacillus atrophaeus, and its potential in juice clarification in free and immobilized forms. Journal of Microbiology DOI 10.1007/s12275-019-9170-z
  • Sharma M, Sangwan RS, Khatkar BS, Singh SP* (2019) Alginate-pectin co-encapsulation of dextransucrase and dextranase for oligosaccharide production from sucrose feedstocks. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering. DOI:
  • Sharma A, Thakur M, Bhattacharya M, Mandal T, Goswami S* (2019) Commercial Application of Cellulose Nano-composites-A review. Biotechnology Reports e00316.
  • Chandna S, Thakur NS, Reddy YN, Kaur R, Bhaumik J* (2019) Engineering lignin stabilized bimetallic nanocomplexes: structure, mechanistic elucidation, antioxidant and antimicrobial potential. ACS Biomaterial Science and Engineering 5, 3212-3227
  • Yatoo MA, and Saravanamurugan S* (2019) Tin grafted on modified alumina-catalysed isomerisation of glucose to fructose. Applied Catalysis A: General. 582, 117094.
  • Narnoliya LK, Kaushal G, Singh SP* (2019) Long non-coding RNAs and miRNAs regulating terpene and tartaric acid biosynthesis in rose-scented geranium. FEBS Letters. 593, 2235–2249.
  • Sucheta, Rai SK, Chaturvedi K, Yadav SK* (2019) Evaluation of structural integrity and functionality of commercial pectin based edible films incorporated with corn flour, beetroot, orange peel, muesli and rice flour. Food Hydrocolloids. 91,127-135.
  • Jadaun JS, Narnoliya LK, Agarwal N, Singh SP* (2019) Catalytic biosynthesis of levan and short-chain fructooligosaccharides from sucrose-containing feedstocks by employing the levansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 127, 486-495.
  • Sucheta, Chaturvedi K, Sharma N, Yadav SK* (2019) Composite edible coatings from commercial pectin, corn flour and beetroot powder minimize post-harvest decay, reduces ripening and improves sensory liking of tomatoes. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.133, 284-293.
  • Maurya S, Chandra M, Yadav RK, Narnoliya LK, Sangwan RS, Sandhu P, Singh U, Kumar D, Sangwan NS* (2019) Interspecies comparative features of trichomes in Ocimum reveal insights for biosynthesis of specialized essential oil metabolites. Journal of Protoplasma, xyz
  • Kumar V, Sharma KD, Bansal V, Mehta D, Sangwan RS, Yadav SK* (2019) Efficient and economic process for the production of bacterial cellulose from isolated strain of Acetobacter pasteurianus of RSV-4 bacterium. Bioresource Technology. 275, 430-433.
  • Mehta D, Sharma N, Bansal V, Sangwan RS, Yadav SK* (2019) Impact of ultrasonication, ultraviolet and atmospheric cold plasma processing on quality parameters of tomato-based beverage in comparison with thermal processing. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies. 52, 343-349.
  • Chownk M, Sangwan RS, Yadav SK* (2019) A novel approach to produce glucose from the supernatant obtained upon the dilute acid pre-treatment of rice straw and synergistic action of hydrolytic enzymes producing microbes. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology. 50, 395-404.
  • Chownk M, Thakur K, Yadav SK* (2019) Retrospect and prospects of plant metabolic engineering. Journal of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 28, 1-13.
  • Bansal V, Jabeen K, Rao PS, Prasad P, Yadav SK* (2019) Effect of high pressure processing (HPP) on microbial safety, physicochemical properties, and bioactive compounds of whey-based sweet lime (whey-lime) beverage. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization.13, 454-465.
  • Singla G, Krishania M*, Sandhu P, Sangwan RS, Panesar PS (2019) Value addition of kinnow industry byproducts for the preparation of fiber enriched extruded products, Journal of Food Science and Technology. 56, 1575-1582.
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