Technologies Available for Transfer Licensing 
* Simple and one-pot processes to develop polypyrrolic compounds in scalable manner and development of their nano formulations through encapsulation or conjugation forming photosynthetic nanopigments for light harvesting applications thereof; patent file no: 201811044076

* Novel process for the production of off odour/off flavour free protein hydrolysate from maize gluten meal and uses thereof. (Patent File No. 201811048486) 
* Bioprocessing technology for production of prebiotic molecules: 2-α-D-glucopyranosyl-lactose and Kojibiose from sugarcane and dairy raw products. (Patent File No. 201711006155) 
* Bioprocessing technology for transformation of banana pseudostem extract into a functional juice. (Patent File No. 201711009819) 
* Bacterial cellulose production from tomato (Patent Application No.: 201711024694)

* Integrated and module-specific technology for production of whey proteins, bacterial cellulose, calcium citrate and D-tagatose (Patent Application No.: 201711024828)