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Digital india


Sr. No. Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. Sudesh Kumar Scientist - F (Biotechnology/Metabolic Engineering/Biosynthetic Technology) View
2 Dr. Saswata Goswami Research & Innovation- Associate Plant Manager View
3 Dr. Shunmugavel Saravanamurugan Scientist - E (Catalysis Chemistry) View
4 Dr. Sasikumar Elumalai Research & Innovation- Processing Plant Engineer View
5 Dr. Jayeeta Bhaumik Scientist - D (Nanomaterials and Application Technology) View
6 Dr. Bhuwan Bhushan Mishra Scientist - C (Production Chemist) View
7 Dr. Sudhir P. Singh Scientist - C (Synthetic Biology) View
8 Dr. Meena Krishania Research & Innovation System Analyst View