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Educational Background:

• Ph.D. in the area of Plant Molecular Biology, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, University of Lucknow .

Scientific Recognitions:

• Professor Hira Lal Chakravarty Award, ISCA, DST, 2017.
• International Travel Grant, SERB, DST, 2017.
• School of Biosciences-Madurai Kamraj University Genomics Award, 2016.
• Young Scientist Award, International Bioprocessing Association, 2016.
• Early Carrier Research Award Project, SERB, 2016.
• UGC-Faculty Selectee, 2015.
• Young Scientist research project, SERB, 2012.
• Beam-time Award, Canadian Light Source (CLS), Canada, 2011.
• CSIR-NET 2004, and CSIR-SRF, 2007.
• State Merit Scholarship, 1993-94.

Position held :

• June, 2015 onwards: Scientist-C at Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing (CIAB), Mohali, India.
• Jan., 2012 to June, 2015: Project Scientist at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI), Mohali, India.
• May 2010 to Jan., 2012: Research Associate at National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI), Mohali, India.

Research interests :

Currently, the main focus of research is gene mining and biocatalyst engineering for development of approaches for transformation of agro-industrial residues and under- or un-utilized side-stream biomass into value-added bioproducts.

Total Publications :


Selected Research Publications :

1) Kaushal G, Kumar J, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2018) Metagenomic analysis of geothermal water reservoir sites exploring carbohydrate-related thermozymes. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 119, 882-895. (IF 3.909)
2) Lata K, Sharma M, Patel SN, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2018) An integrated bio-process for production of functional biomolecules utilizing raw and by-products from dairy and sugarcane industries. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering 41(8), 1121-1131. (IF 2.139)
3) Narnoliya LK, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2018) Transcriptome mining and in silico structural and functional analysis of ascorbic acid and tartaric acid biosynthesis pathway enzymes in rose-scanted geranium. Molecular Biology Reports 45(3), 315-326. (IF 1.889)
4) Kumar J, Gunapati S, Kianian SF, Singh SP* (2018) Comparative analysis of transcriptome in two wheat genotypes with contrasting levels of drought tolerance. Protoplasma 255: 1487-1504. (IF 2.457)
5) Patel SN, Singh V, Sharma M, Singhal NK, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2018) Development of a thermo-stable and recyclable magnetic nanaobiocatalyst for bioprocessing of fruit processing residues and D-allulose synthesis. Bioresource Technology 247, 633-639. (IF 5.807)
6) Sharma M, Patel SN, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2017) Biotransformation of banana pseudo-stem extract into a functional juice containing value-added biomolecules of potential health benefits. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology 55, 453-462. (IF 1.475)
7) Mantouvalou I, Lachmann T, Singh SP, Vogel-Mikus K, Kanngiesser B (2017) Advanced absorption correction for 3D elemental images applied to the analysis of pearl millet seeds obtained with a laboratory confocal micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. Analytical Chemistry 89(10), 5453-5460. (IF 6.042)
8) Narnoliya LK, Kaushal G, Singh SP*, Sangwan RS (2017) De novo transcriptome analysis of rose-scented geranium provides insights into the metabolic specificity of terpene and tartaric acid biosynthesis. BMC Genomics. 18(1):74. (IF 3.73)
9) Sharma M, Patel SN, Lata K, Singh U, Krishania M, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2016) A novel approach of integrated bioprocessing of cane molasses for production of prebiotic and functional bioproducts. Bioresource Technology 219, 311–318. (IF 5. 807)
10) Pathak AK, Singh SP, Gupta Y, Gurjar AK, Mantri SS, Tuli R (2016) Transcriptional changes during ovule development in two genotypes of litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) with contrast in seed size. Scientific Reports 8;6:36304. (IF 4.122)
11) Patel SN, Sharma M, Lata K, Singh U, Kumar V, Sangwan RS, Singh SP* (2016) Improved operational stability of D-psicose 3-epimerase by a novel protein engineering strategy, and D-psicose production from fruit and vegetable residues. Bioresource Technology 216, 121-127. (IF 5. 807)
12) Singh SP, Singh SP, Pandey T, Singh RR, Sawant SV (2015) A novel male sterility-fertility restoration system in plants for hybrid seed production. Scientific Reports 5, 11274. (IF 4.112)
13) Gupta Y, Pathak AK, Singh K, Mantri SS, Singh SP*, Tuli R (2015) De novo assembly and characterization of transcriptomes of early-stage fruit from two genotypes of Annona squamosa L. with contrast in seed number. BMC Genomics 16, 86. (IF 3.73)
14) Kumari A, Kumar J, Kumar A, Chaudhari A, Singh SP* (2015) Grafting triggers differential responses between rootstock and scion. PLoS ONE 10(4):e0124438. (IF 2.766)
15) Kumar J, Gunapati S, Kumar J, Kumari A, Kumar A, Tuli R, Singh SP* (2014) Virus induced gene silencing using a modified betasatellite: a potential candidate for functional genomics of crops. Archives of Virology 159(8), 2109-13 (IF: 2.16)
16) Pathak A, Singh SP*, Tuli R (2014) AFLP fingerprinting to identify genetic relatedness among lychee cultivars, and markers associated with small seeded cultivars. Journal of The American Society for Horticultural Science 139(6), 657–668. (IF 1.125) .
17) Singh SP, Jeet R, Kumar J, Shukla V, Srivastava R, Mantri SS, Tuli R (2014) Comparative transcriptional profiling of two wheat genotypes, with contrasting levels of minerals in grains, shows expression differences during grain filling. PLoS ONE 9(11), e111718. (IF 2. 766)
18) Singh SP, Vogel-Mikuš K, Vavpetič P, Jeromel L, Pelicon P, Kumar J, Tuli R (2014) Spatial X-Ray fluorescence micro-imaging of minerals in grain tissues of wheat and related genotypes. Planta 240(2), 277-289. (IF 3.3249)
19) Singh SP, Vogel-Mikuš K, Arčon I, Vavpetič P, Jeromel L, Pelicon P, Kumar J, Tuli R (2013) Pattern of iron distribution in maternal and filial tissues in wheat grains with contrasting levels of iron. Journal of Experimental Botany 64, 3249-3260. (IF 5.354)
20) Singh SP, Pandey T, Srivastava R, Verma PC, Singh PK, Tuli R, Sawant SV (2010) BECLIN 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana, under the generic control of regulated expression systems, a strategy for developing male sterile plants. Plant Biotechnology Journal 8, 1467-7652. (IF 6.305)

Patents : 07 (filed), 01 (granted)
Extramural research projects as Principal Investigator : completed 01; ongoing 03